Recall a Message

In a fast-paced, instant messaging environment, a situation may occur where a message is accidentally sent. In Healthcare, it’s especially important that only the right information reaches its intended recipients. For these reasons, BloomText allows a user to “recall” a message or file that they had previously sent.

Recall a message on the mobile app

To recall a message on the BloomText mobile app, press and hold your finger on a message or file that you previously sent, then tap the “recall” option.

Recall a message on the web app

To recall a message on the BloomText web or desktop app, hover over your message, then click the three dots to the left of the message and select “Recall Message”.

What does it mean to “recall” a message?

When you recall a message in BloomText, you are removing that message from the chat so participants are no longer able to view it. That message is not deleted however, and remains securely on BloomText servers. This means that recalled messages may still be retrieved at the request of an administrator.

What messages can I recall?

You may recall text or file messages. To recall a message, you must be the original sender of the message.

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