Getting Started on your smartphone

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started on your smartphone with the BloomText mobile app.

While the mobile app supports most of your needs, keep in mind that there are some advanced features that are only available on the computer version of BloomText.

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Step 1: Signing Up

If you already received an email invitation to BloomText, you can skip this step. Otherwise, sign up for BloomText here.

Step 2: Download the mobile app

Once you have an account, you’re ready to download the BloomText app.

Step 3: Invite your coworkers

Now, let’s invite some coworkers. To do this, navigate to the directory, and select the purple plus button.

Invite your coworkers on the BloomText app

Step 4: Send your first message

To send a message to a coworker, navigate to your inbox, and press the purple plus button.

Send a message on the BloomText app

Step 5: Take a photo

To take and send a photo, navigate to any conversation, then select the plus button to the left of the message box.

Take a photo on the BloomText app

Step 6: Record a voice message

To send a voice recording, press the record button to the right of the message box.

Record a voice message on the BloomText app

Step 7: Configure Notifications

To access and adjust your notification preferences, press the settings gear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Configure notification settings on the BloomText app


Congratulations, you have now completed the getting started guide on mobile. Interested in going further? Explore our other guides below!