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BloomText is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform with both free and paid plans. In this article, we’ll explore these different plans, including their features and pricing.

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Free Plan

When you first register for BloomText, your organization starts out with a free plan. This free plan allows you to securely communicate with up to 10 of your coworkers.

We also send you a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), free of charge.

The free plan works with our web app as well as our desktop and mobile apps.

In addition to what’s included with the free plan, we offer two paid features:

  • SMS Messaging: Send regular and secure text messages to patients, family members, or other individuals.
  • Team Chat: Securely chat with more than 10 of your coworkers.

Team Chat

If you add more than 10 coworkers to your organization, BloomText will prompt you to upgrade to a Team Chat plan. A Team Chat plan costs $11/user/month, and includes all members in your organization.

For example, if you have 11 members in your organization, then your subscription would be 11 members * $11 per user per month for a total of $121/month.

As you add and remove members from your organization, your subscription will be updated automatically and there is nothing more you need to do.

Upgrading your plan also unlocks additional features:

  • Search: Search messages, files, and chats without any restrictions.
  • Audits: Request audits for specific users.
  • Export: Export chats (e.g. to import into your EHR).
  • Support: 24-hour response time (on regular U.S. business days).

What if I choose not to upgrade my plan?

If you choose not to upgrade to a Team Chat plan, and your organization has more than 10 members, all chats with your coworkers will be locked and set to a read-only mode. You will still, however, be able to chat with members of other organizations.

For example, you can continue to chat with members of the BloomText Support Team, or users in other organizations.

SMS Messaging

The second paid feature of BloomText is SMS Messaging. You can use this feature to send HIPAA-compliant text messages to patients, or any other individuals with a cell phone.

Watch the video below for an overview of BloomText SMS Messaging.

Additionally, this feature includes the following functionality:

  • Receive a dedicated phone number in an area code of your choice
  • Send text messages, images, and documents to patients
  • Broadcast a message to a group of contacts all at once
  • Export conversations to PDF

Alternatively, you may also be able to use your organization’s own number for text messaging instaed of using one assignd by BloomText. Only certain numbers are elibile for this option, so please reach out to a BloomText representative so they can run an eligibility check for you.

Pricing for SMS Messaging

The starting price for SMS Messaging is $89/month. This lets your organization message up to 200 contacts each month.

If you need to message more than 200 contacts, you can upgrade your plan to a higher tier:

Contacts Total Price Price per Contact
200 $89 $0.44
350 $149 $0.42
500 $195 $0.39
750 $285 $0.38
1,000 $365 $0.37
1,500 $540 $0.36
2,000 $695 $0.35
2,500 $850 $0.34
3,000 $995 $0.33
4,000 $1,235 $0.31
5,000 $1,500 $0.30
6,000 $1,695 $0.28
8,000 $2,050 $0.26
10,000 $2,395 $0.24
15,000 $3,510 $0.23
20,000 $4,450 $0.22
20,000+ $4,450+ $0.20

Exceeding your limit

If you exceed your monthly limit, we will reach out to you with two options:

  • Upgrade to a higher tier within 7 days
  • Pay an overage of $1/user

Additional phone numbers

Having more than one phone number for sending text messages can be helpful if:

  • You have multiple teams responsible for messaging patients
  • You have multiple locations that use different area codes
  • You want to refine the access that some users have to only specific patients

Each additional phone number costs $29/month. For billing, contacts are counted across all your numbers.

To get an additional phone number for your organization, email

How to upgrade

To upgrade, log in to our web or desktop app, and open your organization’s Plans page in the Settings.

Note that you must be an administrator for your organization, and that upgrades can’t be done in our mobile app.

Manage your plan

You can manage your plan (incl changing your contacts tier, or updating your billing address or credit card) via the BloomText Subscription Management dashboard. You can access this dashboard by selecting the settings gear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, using either the BloomText desktop or web application.

Cancel your plan

To cancel your plan, email

Schedule a demo or get in touch

For questions, email, or schedule a demo.