BloomText Pricing

BloomText offers a free tier called BloomText Basic as well as a paid tier called BloomText Professional. After reading this article, you’ll understand what you can do with BloomText Basic, and how much a BloomText Professional plan would cost for your organization.

BloomText Basic

With BloomText basic, you have access to the following features:

  • Chat with up to 10 of your coworkers
  • Invite and chat with an unlimited number of other organizations and providers
  • Send documents to other providers via secure email or fax
  • Download the desktop app as well as the mobile app
  • Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

To learn more about these features, you can visit our Features of BloomText article here. You can get stared in minutes with BloomText Basic today by following the signup link here.

BloomText Professional

For organizations that are ready to take the next step, we offer flexible paid plans that allow you to extend the capabilities of the BloomText platform to help meet your goals.

With BloomText Professional, you can select only the features you need from the options below.

Chat with more than 10 coworkers

With BloomText, your first 10 users will always be free. For each additional user, BloomText costs $9 per user per month.

BloomText professional also unlocks additional administrative capabilities, such as conversation auditing for group and patient conversations, additional user controls, and access to 1:1 support.

Patient Messaging

BloomText offers 2-way HIPAA secure patient conversations via either email or SMS Texting. There are two options you can choose from for patient messaging:

  • Team: a shared SMS number for your entire organization: $49/month per SMS number
  • Individual: an SMS number for one user: $19/month per SMS number

Team SMS

The team option is the best choice if you want all your staff to send messages and respond to patient inquiries from the same phone number. This is helpful, for example, if you want a dedicated SMS number for a physical location.

BloomText Team SMS also includes “broadcast messaging”, allowing you to send a message to a group of patients at the same time.

With the Team plan, you can send and receive up to 2500 SMS messages per month.

Individual SMS

The individual option is best if you only need to assign a phone number to a specific individual. This is also a good option if you prefer to give each of your coworkers their own SMS number.

With the Individual plan, you can send and receive up to 500 SMS messages per month.

Multiple SMS numbers

With BloomText, you can easily assign multiple team and individual phone numbers to your organization. For example, a mental health group practice may assign an individual phone number to each provider, or an organization with multiple locations may select an SMS number for each location.

Messaging Bundles

BloomText keeps track of how many messages you use each month, and alerts you if you are approaching your message limit. If you require more messages than your plan allows, you can purchase additional messages at $0.04 per message.

We also offer discounts for larger messaging volume sizes.

For more information on BloomText patient messaging, you can visit our article here

Video & Telehealth

Bloom Video is a HIPAA-secure way to have telehealth appointments with your patients. With Bloom Video, participants can join from any device, and don’t have to download an app.

Bloom Video costs $29 per user, and you can choose which users in your organization have access to this feature.

For more information on Bloom Video, you can visit our article here

Website Chat

Bloom Website Chat gives your patients and other users the ability to start chats and send documents to you directly from your website.

Bloom website chat costs $49 per month.

Start a free Trial

At Bloom, we believe that every organization should be able to try our premium features before making a purchasing decision. If you’d like to start a free trial for your organization, simply sign up for a free BloomText account and select the “Start 7 day trial” on any feature you are interested in.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us a question via the form here.