Administrative Features

BloomText provides administrators with the tools necessary to control, manage, and secure their organization’s activity. This article provides an overview of the different administrative features on BloomText, and how to use them.

Most administrative features, such as changing user permissions, can only be performed on the BloomText web or desktop application.

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Roles And Permissions

Each user in BloomText has the role of either an “admin” or a “user.” The following table summarizes the capabilities of each role.

  • Admin: add and remove members from organization. Change member roles. Modify organization policies. Manage billing & subscriptions. Communicate with the BloomText support team. Audit member messages and files.
  • User: Initiate conversations with existing BloomText users. Send invitations to new members, but each invitation must first be approved by an admin.

Adding Members

Admins may add members from their organization through the organization settings screen, or through the BloomText directory.

Adding a member from the settings screen

Adding a member from the directory

Admin Approval

Non-admins may also add members from the directory, however, these members will require approval from an admin before gaining access. Approval requests are delivered to admins via an in-app banner, shown below.

Removing Members

An Admin may remove a member from their organization by navigating to the organization settings screen, and selecting the “remove” option. Once a member is removed, they will immediately lose access to their messages, files, and coworkers, across all their devices.

Upgrading a user to Admin

After joining a new organization in BloomText, every account begins in the “user” role. An admin can then choose to upgrade or downgrade a member’s role through the organization settings screen.

Changing Organization Policies

Admins also have the ability to adjust the policy settings for their organization. This can be performed via the policies screen.

Auditing User Activity

An admin may request the message and file history of a member in their organization. A request is performed by sending a message to the BloomText support team.

All audit requests are logged and made available upon request to any admin within an organization.

Subscription Management

Admins may also modify their BloomText Subscription. An admin may initiate a subscription change by requesting an upgrade through BloomText, or by sending a message to the BloomText support team.


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