Video Conferencing and Virtual Visit

Bloom Video Conferencing is easy to use and HIPAA compliant

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Virtual/Telehealth Visits

Whether you are a therapist or hospitalist, we simplify how video visits are preformed.

  • Increased visit volume + Decrease missed visits
  • Visit people otherwise out of reach
  • Plan visits with secure texting ahead of time

Emergent and Rounding

Doing remote emergent care? Our software allows you to remotely control cameras for virtual visits in remote hospitals. Drop in a room via our desktop, mobile, or web-based software.

  • List all your devices and jump between them in an instant
  • Camera Control with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Support
  • Bring your own computers on wheels (COW) or use ours

A HIPAA-Compliant FaceTime Replacement

Our communication suite allows for ad-hoc video calls with your coworkers. Quickly see a patient on another floor or have a quick meeting with another clinician/physician.

  • High quality video
  • No software to install
  • Works with mobile and desktop computers