Using the Broadcast Message feature

What is Broadcast Message?

Broadcast Message is a feature of BloomText Patient Messaging that enables an organization to deliver a message to multiple people at once. This feature supports the following activities

  • Sending HIPAA compliant messages delivered to patient’s mobile devices.
  • Confirmation of message delivery.
  • Allow patients to respond as individual conversations.
  • Attaching files such as images to messages.
  • Import/Update all your patients at once via a CSV file.

The Broadcast Message feature requires a Premium Subscription to BloomText. To request this feature for you organization, please contact sales at (415) 930-1200 or send us an email at

Create a Broadcast Message

Follow the steps below to create a broadcast message:

  1. Login to the BloomText app.
  2. Select the Patient Conversations icon in the side panel.
  3. Select “New Broadcast Message” option.
  4. Upload a CSV file containing a list of patients you wish to message (See below for format details).
  5. Write a subject and message. Optionally include a file.
  6. Select whether you want the message to be delivered via secure conversation or plain SMS.

CSV File Format

Each CSV file you create should contain the following columns:

Column Name Description Format Required
“first_name” First name text No
“last_name” Last Name text No
“dob” Date of Birth yyyy-mm-dd No
“mrn” Medical Record Number text Yes
“phone” Phone Number (###) ### #### Yes
“email” Email Address email No

Note that you can include patients that have already been added to your BloomText account. If this is the case, the patient’s information will be updated. The MRN can be whatever unique identifier your EHR or patient database exports.

Secure vs Insecure Messages

BloomText supports the ability to send bulk patient messages as secure conversations, or as insecure SMS. Secure conversations are delivered via an encrypted webpage. For messages that may contain PHI, this route ensures encryption throughout delivery. It also allows us to help you measure the success of an outreach campaign by tracking the number of your patients that opened the message.