Securely message your patients

Whether it’s sending appointment reminders, lab follow-ups, pre-and-post-surgery notices, or keeping families in the loop on inpatient stays, BloomText has you covered.

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Messaging that actually works

Patient portals with messaging features have particularly poor engagement rates. It’s not uncommon for us to see open rates of less than 1%. With BloomText, we see more than 70% of a patient population engaging with our messages, even with elderly populations.

Campaigns for achieving your goals

Send bulk messages that reach entire populations, not just individuals around your objectives such as

  • Appointment reminders
  • Lab result follow ups
  • Ask about flu shots
  • Pre and post-surgery follow ups
  • Update a family on an inpatient stay or procedure
  • Gather patient experience feedback

Save time off the phone

Rather than having to research a patient's background to be prepared for a short call, start with a text message. If complex questions come up, then do the research on demand. Save 90% of the time of doing clinical follow up calls by started with a BloomText message to your patients.