You Hate Faxes, We Hate Faxes

We've all dealt with the endless waits, the busy signals, and the "lost" documents. It's 2019 - why are we still using fax machines?

BloomText replaces your fax machine with a modern, easy-to-use interface that's shared with your team, and it works seamlessly with all medical professionals, even those who are still stuck in the past.

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Send large files and high-resolution imaging instantly

Blurry, low-resolution fonts and images can make your faxes unreadable. Use Bloom to send documents securely to anyone, even if they're still using a fax machine. Send crystal clear imaging and skip the courier.

Never lose track of a fax again

A customizable, shared team inbox allows anyone in your organization to access faxes. Keep track of who's responsible for sending, processing, or replying to faxes with per-document conversations. Archive faxes when you're finished - just like in your email client.

Fax status notifications: Sent, Received, Picked up

With Bloom's next-generation HIPAA compliant fax technology you'll be informed when your fax is successfully sent and when the receiver picks it up. Leave the guessing game that comes with unverified transmission, busy signals, and misfiling behind.