Use BloomText to Send Secure Email

Bloom Secure Email is simple to use, HIPAA compliant, and notifies you when your message is received

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What is HIPAA Compliant Email?

Most people have used email services such as GMail,, and Yahoo. Each of these providers actually do encrypt emails in your inbox, however, when you send a message to another person, you’re not guaranteed that the email goes over an encrypted channel end-to-end.

HIPAA compliant email can take many different forms, but the commonality is that it solves this problem by ensuring no sensitive information is ever transmitted by unencrypted email.

How Others Provide Secure Email

When you look at typical secure email providers, they may provide plugins or are websites that look a lot like GMail or Outlook, but most people struggle to get a large number of their recipients to open their messages. Recipients forget passwords or never take the time to setup an account -- leading to more time spent on phone calls, faxes, and physical mailers.

How BloomText is Different

We’ve focused all our efforts on usability. Of particular interest is how people receive your secure emails. By simplifying this experience, we’ve dramatically increased the number of people who will open your secure emails.

BloomText works by sending a link to secured content -- this ensures the content is only ever transmitted securely and gives you auditability over who has viewed the content and when. You also have the ability to have the content “expire”, reducing the risk of that information being viewed improperly in the future. Our approach provides equivalent security to most other methods of secure email out there while dramatically increasing the odds that your messages are read.

What BloomText is Not

We’re not an email hosting provider ourselves. Bloom reduces the amount of time spent emailing by providing what we feel is a simpler way to share content between people. You absolutely can send secure messages to email addresses, but, for example, you don’t receive an email address yourself.