The BloomText Difference

There are lots of secure texting apps out there, but only Bloom is a full-service clinical communications suite.

Bloom combines all forms of clinical communication in a single tool. Reduce training cost and spend more time on patient care.

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Replace Multiple Tools

Blooms combines multiple tools into a single intuitive interface. Reduce clinician burnout and training costs by combining internal chat, secure email, fax, and patient texting all in a single tool.

Work Across Organizational Boundaries

We know medicine is a team sport. Bloom is the only product lets you securely collaborate with clinicians and staff at other verified healthcare organizations, all at no additional cost to your organization.

Industry Leading Support and User Experience

Customer service is our super power. Our industry leading user experience keeps things simple and streamlined, so you'll be up and running immediately. But if you do have an issue, you can communicate with our team directly in Bloom and always get a real human response.

How we stack up

Compare Bloom against the compeition


  • Can't message patients
  • No video or fax
  • Internal communication only: can't text across orgs


  • Poor reliability
  • Limited file support
  • Internal communication only: can't text across orgs


  • HIPAA BAA is $$$$$
  • Not designed for the healthcare environment
  • Internal communication only: can't text across orgs