Join The Anti-Fax Movement

People around the US are waking up to the harmful side-effects of fax machines.

Petition your congress person, talk to your pediatrician, and join the movement today - no more forced faxinations.

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Fax Machines Are Terrible

And it's terrible that you're forced to use them. BloomText takes the pain out of using a fax machine: send high-resolution images and crisp text with no loss of clairty, get notified when your fax is picked up by the recipient, and keep a digital receipt and a copy of all faxes you send.

Intuitive Document Management

BloomText teams allow groups of users to share a single inbox, ensuring that everyone knows what's going on. Powerful notification settings ensure you never miss something important, but also aren't disturbed when you're catching a quick nap.

Go All-In With Bloom

BloomText offers a wide range of features to help you save time - it's your one-stop-shop for managing all your medical communications: faxes, emails, phone calls, sms, chat, and video.